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ebu AUTOMATION in Modular Design

In addition to the well-known ebu press program in steel welding monobloc and cast iron design, the ebu SELECT series includes the ebu AUTOMATION as a perfect complement not only to all ebu-owned presses, but also for retrofitting third-party presses and modernizing old equipment.

Under ebu AUTOMATION we summarize the entire feeding of material to the press, as well as die change concepts and parts and scrap management for the removal of parts and possible punching waste. In the process, we design and construct effectively coordinated, standardized sizes in modular design for the benefit of universal solutions, as has been practiced for decades.

ebu AUTOMATION is the optimal complement to the ebu SELECT presses and punch presses.

The advantages are obvious: The production of identical parts proves to be a blessing in project handling and the machines and systems are offered at an attractive price. Thereby the ebu standard covers the user requirements. Thanks to series production, we can also always keep a stock of the most common automatic punch presses, C-frame presses and the appropriate feeding technology components in varying degrees of completion, which are thus available in the short to medium term, which in turn is an advantage for the customer in the event of urgent delivery requirements. Thus, many sheet metal processors opt for this solution and instead of investing in a tailor-made individual solution that is not quite as inexpensive, they invest in a standard solution from the ebu modular system - possibly also somewhat larger - and save themselves effort and costs.

Currently, our ebu SELECT AUTOMATION includes strip processing line components up to a strip width of 800 mm.

With ebu CUSTOMIZED, we offer solutions that sometimes go well beyond our standard and are designed individually according to customer needs. And for user tasks that we cannot cover with our self-developed components, we fall back on proven solutions from selected partners, which are integrated into the overall ebu concept with previously defined interfaces.

For the supply of the coil material, ebu supplies coilers as standard with carrying capacities from 1,000 kg to 7,500 kg as single-side coiler with mandrel spreading either via wheel spreading (1,000 kg) or sliding wedge (>1,000 kg), with and without coil loading saddle and coil transport unit or alternatively reversible coilers for further shortening of coil change times. For the larger coil weights, braking is provided by a torque-controlled drive. Optional additional equipment such as coil limiting rollers and the like allow the generously predefined ebu standard to be adapted even more precisely to individual requirements.

Depending on the material flatness requirements, ebu builds stable straightening machines with 9 rolls or high-performance straightening machines up to 21 straightening rolls, adapted to the customer's material portfolio with straightening roll diameters of 40 or 60 millimeters.

In doing so, we rely on the repeatably more precise block infeed. From the less expensive universal straightener ebu REB, which is only driven on one side, to the all-roller drive with cardan shafts and precision transfer gearbox of type ebu URM, or even the feed straightening combination of type ebu URV, they all have the central drive unit and the maintenance-friendly design in common. All straightening rolls are supported multiple times against deflection with encapsulated and thus maintenance-free, lifetime-lubricated roller bearings. Openings in the sturdy body allow any abrasive material such as zinc flakes etc. to fall directly down into a large, easily accessible collection tray. Even in the basic design, we have provided for individual removal of the straightening rolls. In just 3 minutes, a single roll or several rolls can be changed quickly, for example, to clean or check them. For more frequent changes, e.g. between processing sheet steel and aluminum, we recommend the optional cassette pull-out and one or more exchangeable cassettes. This allows downtimes to be minimized and processes to be better planned. The ebu URM and ebu URV in particular have an extremely stable design as a closed system thanks to their innovative block infeed and really put the power where it is needed - in the straightening process. Thus, the introduced energy does not dissipate in stand suspension and ensures excellent straightening results.

The modular and largely symmetrical straightening machine design also allows subsequent expansion with various options and even conversion when changing the strip running direction. Machined mounting surfaces on the strip inlet and outlet side with standardized hole pattern are already provided from the outset, e.g. to realize insertion aids, the ebu EFH, for safe insertion of the strip beginning and unwinding from above or below. On the outlet side of the straightener, we recommend the installation of an ebu SBR strip loop bridge or alternatively the more cost-effective SBR easy for transferring the beginning of the strip to the feed. Especially if the customer has a deep loop pit, a loop bridge is required for safety reasons alone.

ebu has been building its own feeding technology program since the mid-1990s and relies on highly dynamic, electronic roll feeders of the type ebu EV in four performance classes from thin to thick sheet. These feeds are not only freely programmable, but above all fully integrated in the ebu control system. The sensible bandwidth grading allows us to always keep a few sizes in stock here as well, which can also be attached to third-party makes with defined interfaces if required. Often, this can be used to show better performance through more precise results and higher clock performance. An outstanding feature of our ebu feeders as standard is the easy accessibility to the feed rolls. This is particularly important when processing soft aluminum or visible material so-called "surface" - i.e. sensitive, often high-gloss materials - as no marks or injuries may occur here. As an option, we offer oiling systems - both as a classic variant with rollers and as proven nozzle or spray systems. These are usually used with a tape support, if applicable, also supplemented with integrated hump control as material buckling protection.

Press operators usually work with dies in automatic continuous operation in progressive or transfer mode - except in manual insertion mode. We have accelerated development in the area of transfer technology and can offer valuable know-how and additional support around the topic of transfer and feeder automation. To help our customers clarify whether they need equipment with 2D or 3D transfer, we offer optional standardized reference surfaces with mounting threads that also allow the attachment of appropriate transfer and/or feeder systems at a later date.

We also save our customers a lot of energy by offering established tool change concepts in our machine offerings from the outset. From die feed via cantilever brackets in various configurations, integrated ball or rolling element strips in the press table, clamping systems using hydraulic die clamps with variable clamping rim heights for small and medium-sized presses, to extendable table tops, so-called frog plates, or even complete shuttle tables which, in the case of large presses, move out to the rear of the press or to the operator side for tool changing, we work together with the user to find the right concept.

Also included in our ebu AUTOMATION are our concepts for good parts and scrap management, which, like our other ebu MODULES, fit perfectly into our ebu SELECT series.

With our ebu FAST LINE, we offer our customers an additional special online service: Directly when calling up our website, the visitor is given the opportunity to view the ebu components currently in stock and to select the right machine for him. Degree of completion and attractive delivery times of the respective component are directly displayed (short term/2 to 8 weeks, 3 months and 6 months). Of course, the ebu FAST LINE also includes our in-stock ebu SELECT punch presses and C-frame presses. At ebu, all series can be consistently combined with each other, so that the customer can configure his own system directly from the ebu FAST LINE. The offer follows shortly after the request generated directly from the online tool.

Finally, ebu FORMING PERFORMANCE includes comprehensive consulting and support in the entire investment process and in all questions concerning the world of stamping and forming technology. When optimizing existing plants, ebu offers far-reaching SUPPORT. As a manufacturer of complex and technologically high-quality systems, it is our passion not only to supply a system, but also to perfect the forming process as best as possible within the framework of the conditions offered by the user. Short cycle times, maximum output rates, top quality - that's what ebu stands for, as well as a wide range of services that adjust the production flow and machine operation to a specific requirement profile.

The ebu forming performance team plans, optimizes, expands, modernizes and maintains your plants.

Bayreuth, October 2023
Harry Wölfel, Vertriebsleiter