Automatic punching machine - 5 sizes

Construction: split-cast construction
Nominal press force: 1,600 kN to 8,000 kN
Table/ram width: 1,600 mm to 4,000 mm
Table/ram depth: 800 mm to 1,600 mm



Our split-type punching machines meet the highest of demands in punching and forming technology. The design is characterised by optimal self-damping of the cast construction, paired with high rigidity. All ebu machines in this series can be combined with all available ebu drives.


  • 5 sizes / one table length each
  • Split-cast construction 
  • Modular drive technology (servo or conventional
  • Proven propeller shaft concept
  • PowerTower: units housed in a maintenance-friendly
    manner, vibration decoupled
  • Proven concept, sophisticated technology
  • ebu MODULES - common parts standardization across series
  • Various tool change and scrap management systems possible
  • Integration of predefined transfer systems

Typical ebu:

  • Minimal table and ram deflection
  • Suitable for demanding tools
  • Very high rigidity and self-damping
  • Increased tool life 
  • Expansion to a fully automatic system possible
  • Ideal for the economical set-up of large presses 
  • Suitable for confined spaces

Soundproof booth

Split construction, compact functional frame. From a version without any cladding to a sophisticated soundproof cabin design, ebu SELECT™ G offers you all possibilities. This includes the perfect accessibility of all components including peripherals.

Talk to us about the requirements of your production environment.

Technical specifications:

ebu SELECT™ G  G 160 G 250 G 400 G 630 G 800
Nominal press force [kN] 1,600 2,500 4,000 6,300 8,000
Table/ram width [mm] 1,600 2,500 3,000 4,000 4,000
Table/ram depth [mm] 800 1,000 1,500 1,600 1,600


ebu SELECT™ – analyse forming performance.

"We want every customer to benefit from the custom solutions that we have already developed."

Martin Kleinert
Sales North West Germany