Control, monitoring and operation

Individual component control or process control of the entire system with a consistent operating concept.



When selecting our control technology, we rely on proven partners and intuitive usability that is adapted to your work processes. The units of an ebu system are integrated in a master control so that the operation can be controlled and monitored centrally.


  • Operation via touch panel
  • Infrastructure for applications in the field of Industriy 4.0 available
  • Prepared for upgrading to servo drive
  • Network connection
  • Hardware and software from a single source
  • Process evaluation and monitoring, diagnostic function, plain text error messages

Typical ebu:

  • Central operating concept for all system components
  • Moderne process visualisation, intuitive operator guidance
  • Cross-series control technology

ebu ENERGETICS for the optimal use of servo presses

Peak performances of up to over 3 megawatts are not uncommon in today's forming technology. Accordingly, intelligent energy management is one of the main requirements of the industry. With the engineering management system ebu ENERGETICS, you do not have to take the energy for peak loads from the grid. Instead, you can buffer it in capacitor modules and/or dynamic energy stores.

You can also use ebu ENERGETICS to buffer power peaks within your company network

ebu MODULE – adapt forming performance.

"We want you to be able to adapt the capabilities of your system to the requirements of the future marketplace."

Martin Kleinert
Sales North West Germany