Good parts and scrap management,
tool change systems, 
transfer systems



Reliable precision throughout the entire process - ebu offers you innovative solutions to improve system handling.

Typical ebu:

  • Consistent system concepts
  • Joint system control with a central operating concept

System components:

Strip feeding and straightening combination - intelligent solution in the
smallest of spaces

ebu strip feeding and straightening combinations are the compact solution for strip feeding line systems which, due to spatial or production-related reasons, have to do without a strip loop. The combination system can also be implemented in an extremely space-saving compact design.

Universal strip feeding and straightening combinations are used especially when processing thicker strips and for larger forming in the tool.

Automatic tool change

To effectively reduce production interruptions, ebu offers you automated tool changing systems. Our solutions guarantee simple, quick change handling and a fixed, secure tool seat during press operations

Parts handling and scrap management

For complete scrap disposal we have solutions ready for the requirements of your project.

Transfer systems

With individually adapted transfer and handling devices, we support you with parts positioning and blank handling.

Insertion aid, splitting wedge and take-off roller

Insertion aids support the transfer of the beginning of the strip from the coil to the straightening machine. Depending on requirements, versions for threading the beginning of the strip from above or below are available - optionally with a splitting wedge and take-off roller.

Loop bridge

The ebu loop bridges and the ebu strip loop control ensure smooth strip transfer from the straightening machine to the feeder. As the most important link in the strip feeding line, they ensure that there is a constant loop between the straightening machine and the feed.

ebu AUTOMATION - automate forming performance.

"We want to perfect your manufacturing processes - for short cycle times and maximum output rates with the required quality."

Thomas Ledl
Sales South West Germany