Eccentric drive with ram unit

Optionally configurable for new machines and retrofitting of existing systems. The ram and its attachments is a central module of the press. Installation spaces are defined together with the table. Prefabricated modules for large presses facilitate the introduction and assembly on site.



Whether fixed stroke or stroke adjustment - our shaft bearing concept, which is unique on the market, enables the shaft unit to be installed and replaced from above. There is maximum flexibility here for later stroke adjustments. The ram unit with the integrated height adjustment is connected to the eccentric unit via an interface and can therefore also be easily exchanged.


  • Eccentric shaft with a constant diameter throughout
  • Cast ram in an optimized shape
  • Bionically perfected construction

Typical ebu:

  • Standardized structure for all sizes
  • Unique shaft bearing concept
  • Highest rigidity and durability
  • Maximum flexibility

ebu MODULE – adapt forming performance.

"We want you to be able to adapt the capabilities of your system to the requirements of the future marketplace."

Sven Fiedler
Sales South East Germany