In-house Exhibition with Technology Show at ebu Umformtechnik

ebu Umformtechnik – 70 years of Progress an Innovation

In-house Exhibition in Bayreuth – There was lots to see!

ebu Umformtechnik opened its gates again on 27.6.2019 in order to present ebu Umformtechnik’s latest range of systems and machines.
ebu presses have been manufactured in Bayreuth for 70 years. The anniversary of ebu presses was a suitable occasion for ebu Umformtechnik to exhibit the developments and models from the range of ebu services to an interested trade audience and to present various ebu versions, automatic punching presses, servo presses, eccentric presses, feeding technology and machine elements as well as retrofitting projects to its business partners and customers in its own halls. The first press they ever manufactured – a small C-frame press – was also on show. It made a real contrast to today’s modern range of machines.

ebu Presses and ebu Punching Presses

The first eccentric press was delivered in 1949. Of course, the range of products has developed and expanded substantially since then. Today the company manufactures and supplies complete systems with press forces of up to 1600 t. ebu Umformtechnik has developed into an internationally recognised brand and is now one of the leading engineering suppliers in the metal processing industry with its cutting edge and future-oriented range of products. High quality individual machines and complete systems are now designed and constructed in Bayreuth on the basis of the company’s many years of experience. Its core competence now lies in the area of high quality punching and forming systems. Various examples of new machines of different types and sizes as well as retrofitting projects were on display at the in-house exhibition. The ebu experts then explained and demonstrated the benefits, flexibility and special features of the ebu solutions really well directly at the exhibits.

Visitors also had the opportunity to peer over the shoulders of the experts during ongoing business operations and the execution of assembly work.  

ebu Umformtechnik used the exhibition to present a wide selection from its range. This included two automatic punching presses with press forces of 1600 kN each but with different table lengths and in cast and welded steel versions. Both machines of the types ebu STA160-1300 P2R and ebu STA-G 160/1600 P2R will be delivered after the exhibition and will go into operation for a customer from the automobile sector and for a company that manufactures microphone and music stands, tablet stands etc.

Three automatic punching presses were also on display that were structurally identical and of the proved and established type STA-G 80/1000 P2 from the ebu STA series. They will be delivered to a car manufacturer in Baden Württemberg in midsummer 2019 and will be installed there, each in a soundproof enclosure. The ebu STA series has been one of the most proven automatic punching presses on the German and international markets since 1989.

Another punching system that is in construction and that was on show during the in-house exhibition includes a servo press of the type STA-G 160/2000 P2R S with the ebu-specific energy management system ebu Energetics and an ebu strip feeding line that processes strip materials with a width of up to 400 mm. This system is already a follow-up order from the customer, who is active in the sector of automotive, building, rail and agricultural machinery technology. Strips with widths of 80 – 400 mm and thicknesses of 0.4 – 0.5 mm with cross sections of up to 1500 mm2 are processed on the system.

ebu Energetics is the intelligent energy management system that ebu Umformtechnik has developed in order to utilise energy appropriately and not be forced to cover the peaks of strong motors in the servo presses from the mains. Either capacitor banks or kinetic energy accumulators are used to be able to lower feed-in power. The system is also used to buffer the peak power within the company network as part of the design during machine standstill and active control.

ebu Retrofit

Two older automatic punching presses by other manufacturers are currently being refurbished and modernised in retrofitting projects, one for a family-run, medium-sized company in North Rhine-Westphalia that manufactures punched parts of all types and the other for the Saxony works of a renowned traditional family enterprise in the shoe sector. After the cores are removed these machines will be fitted with modern, completely new controls and an ebu strip feeding line for strips with widths of up to 630 mm and/or a roll feed of the type ebu EVS320.

Older models of ebu presses of course also undergo retrofitting. One example we can mention that was also exhibited is the C-frame press in heavy welded steel of the type ebu HK 63 FR, which is being dismantled and modernised by ebu Umformtechnik.

Retrofitting is a reasonably priced alternative to a new machine. The machine body, rams, coupling/brake combination are overhauled from the ground up and readied for current requirements. The electrical installations and the controls are completely replaced.

ebu C-Frame Eccentric Presses 

Other exhibits at the ebu in-house exhibition were C-frame eccentric presses of different sizes. ebu Umformtechnik offers these machines, which are used primarily for manual feed work, in sizes from 60 kN to 4,000 kN press force. Several ebu C-frame presses are currently being delivered to a manufacturer of high quality tongs for professional use in trade and industry. Specific customer wishes can also be taken into account here, for example the passage openings and table size can be executed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

The ebu design study for a newly designed ebu C-frame press series H was also on display. This machine is traditionally a cast structure and takes both ergonomic and safety criteria into account in its demanding structure whilst also ensuring the comfort of the operator and the required rigidity of table and ram under nominal load.

Different feed technology components, individual machines and machine elements from the range of ebu Umformtechnik products supplement exhibited items.

Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory

ebu Umformtechnik introduces data glasses from the Industry 4.0 or Smart Factory sector. This system was first presented by ebu under the umbrella term ‘Augmented Automation’ at EuroBLECH in 2018.

In its own halls data transmission, from the operational machine to the desktop of the processor in the back office, is now presented live, using the data glasses that are worn by the technician.

Augmented Automation

This is the smart provision of information using data glasses. The system is based on a bi-directional, audio-visual connection between the service technician or system operator, who uses data glasses, a tablet or a Smartphone at the system or machine, and a member of the support staff in the manufacturer’s back office who has specialist knowledge. It is independent of location and can be used anywhere in the world in principle. The system can be used in many cases and at almost every machine that is fitted with the corresponding technology. The connection is established using W-LAN or LTE.