Coilers, coil displacement device and coil
loading saddle

Load capacity 1,000 kg to 7,500 kg
Strip width 50 mm to 800 mm
Max. material cross section 1,000 mm² to 3,000 mm²



At the beginning of the production line, the ebu coiler provides the system with the coil for continuous processing. Safe operation is guaranteed with innovative automation solutions.

Typical ebu:

  • Permanently reliable operation
  • Stable designed torque bearings
  • Light or heavy coils
  • Fast and safe clamping
  • Manual or hydraulic splaying

Coil loading saddle

In order to reduce waiting and set-up times, the next coil can be placed on the coil loading saddle. The height of the saddle is continuously variable. The tilt protection is available with hydraulic arms that can be adjusted to the width of the coil.

Coil displacement device

A hydraulic displacement device can transport the coil from the coil loading saddle. In addition to securing the end position, the centre of the coil can be set via the control and positioned in relation to the overall system.

Variable versions also as a double coil

Process optimisation is included with ebu double coils: the next coil can be placed while the system is running. Thanks to the extensively designed torque bearing, even double coils can be turned by hand. The motor takes over for heavy coils. The rotatable reel head is locked in the working position.

Technical specifications:

COILERS HR 10 HS 25 HS 35 HS 50 HS 75
Load capacity [kg] 1,000 2,500 3,500 5,000 7,500
Strip widths [mm] 50 - 320 50 - 500 50 - 500 50 - 800 50 - 800
max. material cross section [mm²] 1,000 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000


ebu AUTOMATION - automate forming performance.

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